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Lagoa Azores

Lagoa Azores - Sao Miguel Island

Lagoa is a municipality located east of Ponta Delgada in the southwestern part of Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. The first officially registered settlers were the first colonists that came to the ISland of Sao Miguel and established their homes there.It was created on April 11, 1522, by royal decree from King D. Joao III.
It is currently occupied by the urbanized core of Nossa Senhora do Rosario and Santa Cruz. According to history, it is believed that that early settlers chose the area for its sheltered bay, which was necessary for their loading and unloading of cargo, livestock, and provisions.

Lagoa Azores
The municipality is sandwiched between the three bigger municipalities of Vila Franca do Campo (on the eastern frontier), Ribeira Grande (in the north) and Ponta Delgada (to the west). The municipal seat is approximately nine kilometers from the principal city on the island (Ponta Delgada).

Talk of biodiversity and you talk of Lagoa. The environment is highly characterized by different natural sceneries, pasturelands, cultivated tracts and, along with the coast, an urbanized core.

The cryptomeria, acacia, and eucalyptus are just some of the variety of trees that populate the forests in the interior, while along the southern flank of Fogo, there are many endemic species of Erica azorica, Calluna vulgaris, the Cedro-do-mato (Juniperus oxicedrus) the pau branco (Picconia azorica).

The area the rare benefits from a favorable and friendly microclimate, that offers tourists or visitors the opportunity to swim in the clear and transparent waters of its port which has earned the area a Blue Flag designation.

There are different restaurants offering local to intercontinental dishes to tourists and locals alike e.g Bar Caloura which is located in Caloura (for about 500 years it was known as the "Valley of the Gourds") used to be a house maritimos accoutrements before it was converted into a bar.

In 2001, Abel Cabral starts the operation of the bar. In 2012 the space was expanded, having been converted to a restaurant.Here, you can have any dish you desire as there are varieties on their menu.

Another good restaurant spot here is Restaurante Jose do Rego.It is a good spot especially if you prefer the local dish. From grilled cod swimming in a non-descript butter sauce to Chicharros and to a grilled grouper, you will not be disappointed if you decide to eat here.

The Sunday buffet is good value and offers great choices. Also, serves as a good hotspot for locals.
Going to Lagoa with your family especially if you have kids is no problem as they will also have some. One of the places to take them to is Slide & Splash - Water Slide Park.Slide & Splash in Lagoa is spread out over 16,000 acres. It is currently considered as the largest water park in Portugal, and one of the largest'and best'in all of Europe.

Set aside a day to visit this lovely park and your kids will forever have things to tell their classmates when they get back to school. From swimming pools to Kamikaze - a 60-feet two parallel speed slides to an inner-tube down the rapid river to the water-spitting dragon, you can be sure to have some adrenalin rushing down your system.
With restaurants, ice cream parlor, gift shop and first aid stand, you and your family can plan to stay all day long.

A park known as Parque Municipal das Fontes in Portuguese or The Estombar Springs (Fontes de Estombar ) is a park surrounding a major spring situated on the left bank of the Arade River estuary, north of Estombar town, in Lagoa Municipality.

The park, formally created in 1989, consists of about de 18 ha (180.000 m2) and is an important ecosystem site reserved for those interested in nature. The area was initially used as a picnic site is overlooking the Arade River as it passes from Silves Municipality down to the Atlantic ocean. The park now has a restored watermill which is open for visitors, an open-air amphitheater, a reconstructed Algarve house, and an area for physical fitness exercise.

In more recent times the site has been used by the local population for recreational purposes, the commemoration of festivals, and for interaction with nature. As well the pools created by the springs are used for bathing.
There a lot to do and see in Lagoa Azores only if you can explore.

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