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Ponta Delgada and Isla Sao Miguel

Ponta Delgada and Isla Sao Miguel – Usefull Information

Ponta Delgada and Isla Sao Miguel - Discover the Azores with us.

Have you ever heard of the phrase" Paradise on earth"? If you had then, have you really experienced something close to it in the past?

Have you heard of the Azores Islands before? If you have, do you have any idea what they are? Well, I must tell you this, to describe Sao Miguel Azores as paradise on earth is an understatement.

Ponta Delgada and Isla Sao Miguel
For the benefits of those who don't know, Sao Miguel Azores also known as the Green Island of the Acores islands is the largest and most populous of archipelago of nine Portuguese islands located about 1500 Kilometers(900 miles) West of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and about 3900 kilometers off the East coast of North America which makes them a very remote location that are well worth a visit.

It is a small, green paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where you might want to book a holiday and enjoy some captivating landscapes and rich history.

With irresistible landscapes that is covered with flowers, wooded areas and beautiful gardens, quaint villages, a capital city that has historic buildings and modern amenities, nice beaches, great hiking environment due to mild Azores climate and rugged terrain, thanks to the volcanic origin of the islands, you can never go wrong in choosing Ponta Delgada or the Sao Miguel island as your next holiday destination.

Due to the volcanic history of the Islands, there are different peaks to climb or drive to catch the unforgettable views of the area including the ocean which is visible from almost everywhere on the island except you are down in the crater or walking the streets of a more developed city.

Sao Miguel Island is the most populous of the nine islands where you have different towns and a couple of cities with captivating old world charm. The cities and towns are located along the coastline and set between green farmers fields and woodlots with each, its own character.

Ponta Delgada is the capital of Sao Miguel Azores. With a history dating back to 1499, it serves as a hub for trading activities for those traveling in the Atlantic and till this day, it became Sao Miguel's main port and there are several relics to serve as reminders of the heritage of the city.

Though It features old architecture and cobblestone streets, there are a lot of modern-day amenities that make the city so much to be desired that you can easily spend an entire day without having enough of it.

Located on the coastline are stunning bays and coves where you can swim in the clear waters or relax under the beautiful shades of the trees. If you are a lover of outdoor activities, the Azores will leave you with lasting memories with activities like diving which happens mainly on the island of Pico, horse riding,paragliding, swimming with dolphins, lake fishing, whale watching, sailing, big game fishing, diving and the beautiful landscapes adorning the length and breath of the island.


It is located in the south-central Azores, home to the highest mountain in Portugal and it is the second largest of the Azores. It offers different 30 dives sites to diving enthusiasts.

It also makes a good base to Island hopping with ferries to Sao Jorge, Faial, and Terceira Islands and enjoys warm to hot weather all year through with temperatures varying from 16C in the winter to 25C in August.


Popularly known as the blue island due to its summer hydrangeas. It is known to have the best beach and different swimming options with different rocks and pools waiting to be explored by tourists.

It is also home to spa region of Varadouro which is becoming increasingly popular for its naturally formed spas which bubble away at temperatures of 36C.

Sao Jorge

Wih a hot sub-tropical climate and with water temperatures ranging between 17C and 23C throughout the year, the island offers some of the best hiking and walking opportunities of all the islands with a focus on coastal plains (fajas) which are formed from flowing lava.

Unique views you can sight when hiking on the island are a variety of different elements including amazing cliffs, volcanic peaks, waterfalls, green forests, vineyards, coffee and banana plantations and fruit orchards.


As a large island and one of the most popular of the Islands, it offers ample walking opportunities with dramatic mountains of the Serra do Cume, verdant green countryside, and beautiful volcanic lakes.

Angra do Heroismo, the old capital of Terceira is a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring a cathedral, baroque palaces, quaint old churches, 17th-century forts and a charming harbor.

Santa Maria

Talk of the driest and the sunniest island of the Azores and you talk of Santa Maria. The beaches of Santa Maria are known to be the best in the Azores due to its white sands and clear waters and also an array of water sports.

Vila do Porto, the harbor town of Santa Maria is the oldest settlement in the Azores with an interesting historic center and 16th-century port. For birdwatchers, cavers and big game fishing enthusiasts, Santa Maria is the place to go.

Sao Miguel

To get a taste of real Azorean life, Sao Miguel which also doubles as the largest island of the Azores is the place to go.its Batalha Golf Course and the scenic Furnas Golf Course attracts a lot of golf enthusiasts. With emerald green lakes in the craters of Furnas and Fogo, Sete Cidades, and the hot sulphur springs at Vale das Furnas and Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel is one of a kind among its peers.


Talk of Flores, then you talk of vast cliffs, rugged coastline, tiny coves, volcanic landscapes with amazing crater lakes and verdant green countryside.

These are what makes Flores unique to others. It offers an opportunity to refreshing coastal walks, walks through nature reserves, countryside adorned with green forests, diving, sea and crater kayaking, dolphin and whale watching trips, bird watching, cliff and lake fishing and a lot more.

As with everything on earth, there is time for everything. If you love a hot sunny day then summer would be an ideal time for you to visit this historic place. The presence of several good beaches and natural swimming pools would make any summer visit you make to this lovely area to be the best.

The common feature of the beaches is the presence of dark sand because of the volcanic origin of the island and the natural swimming pools often have very interesting lava rock all around which makes them unique. Summer also serves as the best time to go sailing or whale watching as the weather is clear and you see both far and near objects.

Even though, you can take advantage of these services at other times of the year, summer is always the best time for it.

During winter, It can get really cool which will make a visit to the beach only limited to sightseeing. For those that like hiking, winter is always the best time as there are different volcanic craters that you can hike around the rim, or down into the crater to beautiful freshwater lakes. So planning your visit according to the season is very important to get the best out of the Island.

In general, you can go to Sao Miguel and Ponta Delgada anytime of the year as the overall climate of the area is comfortable with beautiful scenery and fantastic villages that are fun to explore, which leaves so much to do, see and explore.

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