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Weather in the Azores

The Weather in the Azores

Weather in the Azores, what is the best time to see the Azore?
The Azore Islands are waiting for you if you would like to visit a tourist destination with the perfect weather all year round with temperatures ranging between 57 and 71, this is can't be more perfect.
Weather in the Azores
The Azores archipelago which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean in Portugal consists of 9 beautiful islands, mainly: Sao Miguel Island, Terceira Island, Faial Island, Pico Island and Santa Maria Island.

The Azores is an area always being explored by tourists and is notorious for its natural scenic beauty, local hospitality, lush and some barren green land. The Azorean islands are bathed by deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean; habitat to multitudes of aquatic flora and fauna.

On top of this scenic and beautiful Island is an irresistible weather that is always quite comfortable. This is due, in part, to warm air and warm ocean currents coming up the gulf stream to the islands. It does not get very cold on the islands and it generally does not get incredibly hot either.

Beaches and natural swimming pools are found on all the islands and the best time of the year to go enjoy some time there are the summer months of June, July, August, and September.

These are the time of the year the weather is hot enough.Make no mistake, you are not going to a Caribbean country where it is hot hot hot all year round. The summer temperature is in the range of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes a bit higher. The humidity does make it feel hotter and you will have no problem getting plenty of a good time at the beach if you go in the summer.

If you go in the late fall through early spring (November through April) you will get your share of cool days. When I say cool I mean it is generally in the range of 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. There is quite a bit of humidity as well which can make it feel damp and cooler than it actually is. So bringing a coat or sweater with you as you travel the island is a good idea.

The spring and fall have really mixed weather in the Azores. You can get warm sunny weather one day, cool and cloudy the next.

This is not to say that sunny weather and cloudy weather does not happen several times each day. It is a good idea to have layers of clothing with you so you can adjust to the weather as you explore whichever island you are visiting.

You may never find a complete cold weather in the Azores but you may find a cool January day in the Azores anytime!
If you don't want to get overheated, the winter months are the best as they are great for hiking and exploring the shops and cafes in the villages, towns, and cities on the island.

Some regarded Santa Maria as the warmest island that gets the most sun, has a beautiful beach with nice white sand as against other Azores Beaches with the dark sand, though Santa Maria is the furthest south of all the Azores Islands, in reality, all of the islands have good weather. There are no big extremes in temperature. Just moderate, comfortable weather allowing for a great time exploring and sightseeing.

Due to this beautiful weather and some volcanic occurrences in the past, there are many attraction and activities that could be done here ranging from visiting the beaches and resorts to hiking and biking on the mountains of the Island. One activity that stands out that tourists like to do whenever they come here is whale watching and it often happens in the summer months of June, July August and September. The Azores has been named as one of the top ten whale watching sites in the world. You will be able to hop aboard a semi-inflatable small motor boat and go searching for a whale. The sightings are usually guaranteed and may include species such as sperm whales, finned, northern bottlenose, pilot, humpback, orcas and beaked whales.

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